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Chapter 33

"Best practices for screen media podcasting"

Christine Becker and Kyle Wrather


Media Studies Podcasts and Podcasters Cited in the Chapter

Brandon Arroyo’s Porn Cultures Podcast

Mack Hagood’s Phantom Power

Henry Jenkins’ How Do You Like It So Far?


Amanda Lotz and Alex Intner’s Media Business Matters

Jonathan Nichols-Pethick’s <modern media>

Jennifer Proctor

Jacob Smith’s ESC: Sonic Adventure in the Anthropocene

Other Media Studies Podcasts


Advanced TV Herstory


Film School Fess Ups

Media Industry Conversations

Podcasts About Podcasting


The Masterclass


Podcaster Junkies

The Podcaster’s Roundtable

She Podcasts


The Turnaround

The Wolf Den


Miscellaneous Podcast Resources
Aca-Media episode featuring Stephanie Brown’s “Sex and Gender in the Media” class podcast assignment


The Bello Collective: a newsletter & publication about audio storytelling and the podcast industry

Hot Pod: a newsletter about the podcasting industry by Nick Quah

Andrew Bottomley on Twitter

Journal of Radio and Audio Media

Anja Kanngieser, Intro to Podcasting Manual

Dario Llinares, Neil Fox, Richard Berry (Eds.), Podcasting: New Aural Cultures and Digital Media

Siobhán McHugh, “Beyond Journal Articles: Navigating the NTRO (Non-Traditional Research Outcome)”

Christopher Pappas, “Top 20 Free Podcast Tools for E-Learning Professionals”

PodcastRE: A searchable, researchable archive of podcasting culture.

Radio Journal: International Studies in Broadcast & Audio Media

Sound Education Conference

Glen Weldon, “6 Rules for Roundtable Podcasting”

Podcasting Software and Tools

Adobe Audition




Pro Tools



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